Saturday, November 7, 2009

a love letter effect!!!

Love, its eternal and stands above everything and anything...... i have to say Indian society sucks big time, when it comes to appreciating love beyond the limits of caste, race, culture, religion, language, social, state and all other barriers that you can think about..... its my personal experience! Why I have to live in and respect my society, when they dont appreciate my love, which is very important as far as my individuality is concerned! There are thousands of questions going through my mind, and I know none of the narrow minded freaks will be able to answer any of them... Sad part is, even education cannot help changing the mindset.... only thing I have as of now is HOPE, the never ending one.........

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

25th August!!!

Montevideo, Uruguay

A long walk from the velodromo after getting totally drunk at noche de la nostalgia!!!! I remember the long chat I had with the old guy on my way, in Spanish!  We did discuss about life, various aspects of life and the positive side of everything.  I went home after a good 15 minutes of discussion.  After few hours of sleep, it was time to join the friends @ rambla!!! I haven't been to rambla for the past few months... people all over the place..... Thank god, for the beautiful day and the weather just stayed too good...... the best part of life is to spend time with the people whom we love!!! when its almost time to bid adieu to the beautiful day, its sad to recollect that the day ended very badly. Its surprise me that people expects others to do things the way "as expected" by them.  I think the real villain was alcohol? or do people just take it as an excuse for blabbering whatever they couldn't say while in their normal senses..... being disturbed so much, i try to keep affirming myself that its my life, which i wish to live my way...... no matter what!!!!!
Hope for a great day tomorrow!!!!!! only thing left for the day is a call, let me start dialing........

Friday, May 8, 2009

when UP is DOWN!!!!

not sure what prompted me to start writing now, though this account was created long back with the sole intention of writing and just writing.... and here I am giving it a new start, A BRAND NEW beginning..... thanks to the cold and fever (I still hate you for tying me to this bed).... i can hear the whisper from my mind, saying "hey you have to take rest", so i will keep the stock for the future and return to my bed!!!!