Monday, October 28, 2013

Airport, little bit of love and the "very very special one"

 A motorcycle ride at 120 kmph to the airport, you reach the gate but what will KF airlines say to you, "sorry, we can't let you onboard because you are late". What will you do?? I don't know what you would have done.  It depends on many things including the purpose of your trip, urgency, financial status or in extreme cases "How crazy you are?".  When KF crew said "NO", I begged to them with no luck, so I smiled at them and went to the adjacent Spicejet counter.  Bought a ticket to the same destination, for an amount which was more than 4 times the original price of KF ticket, an amount at that time was more than half of my monthly salary. Why?  To keep a promise, to be present for a special birthday. Out of pure love? maybe.  For me, a promise is always a promise.  Whether it is my family or my close friends, I only make those which I can achieve, which I can at least get to, even if it means stretching myself a bit.

So this is how the story began - before I went to sleep the previous night, I noticed that "wherever you go our network follows" network suddenly went out of range.  Since my cell phone time was in sync with network, I was afraid of the worst and it happened.  Airport taxi came to pick me up, he called my phone with no success and I kept sleeping like a king until my roommate pulled me out of bed (I don't know what you want to call a mat with a pillow and bed sheet on top of it).  At first, I was surprised to see him and asked "what is wrong with you" until the word airport came out of his mouth. I scrambled myself, wearing the first underwear that I found, one of the fastest packing ever (the first of the many last minute packing that I did in later years) and begged my roommate to drop me at the airport which ended up in the aforesaid story.  Anil did risk both our lives by hitting those speeds.  But he wins the "Best friend ever" tag for that epic ride with me.

Then I bought a ticket to visit the "special one" again, this time from US to India, to decide on a future, to decide what is next.  But this time, after couple of months, "special one" told me that she has decided to succumb to parents pressure to marry someone from her religion.  so religion which always talks about the importance of love in every sentence, killed that love.  Religion won, Love lost!  A relationship which went like a roller coaster ride came to an end.  A relationship which involved multiple switch between cities for her, flight/train rides for both of us and a lot of confusion created due to her mother's fight with breast cancer (which I believe they used at some point of time, along with numerous other factors, to blackmail their daughter out of the relationship). I am pretty sure she has her own excuses and reasons for why this whole thing didn't work out but somehow I found all those topics difficult to digest since it came down to religion (or in extreme cases, family sentiments) most of the time.  Given the big pure heart she always had and the unbelievable support which she gave throughout, I wish "special one" good luck and an amazing life ahead (hopefully she got married to the "Salman Khan" that she always dreamed about).  Two months later, I set out for my amazing vacation trip to India which I will remember forever because by that time I fell in love again, but this time with a "very very special one"..

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