Sunday, October 27, 2013

Halloween Costume party and the good decisions

After much thought I decided to accept Mike's invitation for a costume party at his place.  I felt it was the right decision to go out (rather than sitting alone at home) and see people dressed up in crazy costumes. Mike's house was dominated by people with Mario Kart related costumes. Though unrelated I had an Afro and a glass.  Last two nights when I wore this Afro, most of the guys gave a thumbs up, showed signs that it was really cool whereas girls wanted to either touch it or wanted to know whether it is "real".  Someone used the "n-word" which was bit annoying.  Even though I am not black, I think it is pretty "dumb" and "out of class" to use that word in the present world.   I had some really good conversations with many people. Initial plan was to get drunk and I started it by gulping 3 cans of Grainbelt but decided not to take it any further. Driving down some drunk guys to downtown and back was fun because what comes out of a drunk mouth is pure gold.

Downtown bar scene was hilarious - Lot of Mario Kart, minions, lot of punk/rock bands from the past and numerous other costumes filled the bar.  Most of the bigger costumes struggled to find their way around the bar. Walked up to the counter and instead of ordering beer, I decided to get some water.  Hopefully my first step towards something very good. I did see a disturbing sight inside the bathroom. A guy was urinating into a beer bottle hoping someone will take and drink it thinking it is a beer.  Another guy dressed up like a marine said it was not right for him to do something ridiculous like that and I supported the "marine" guy.  Finally he admitted that it was wrong of him to do that though he was drunk and had ADD issues.  Good thing, he emptied the bottle of urine and walked out saying "Sorry".  Later the "marine" told me that he also suffers from ADD.  I thanked him for standing up against the drunk guy and saving some random person from the horrendous experience of drinking urine.  I still believe alcohol shouldn't be an excuse for doing things which will bring hardships to others around you.  Though my childhood decision was to stay away from drinking and smoking, I ended up taking my first drink 8 years back.  I intent to get out of this ongoing circle of activities and try something new, a good way to test my patience and my will power.  Whether I achieve my goals is something only time will prove.

I have drastically decreased my intake of fast "JUNK" food and I feel pretty refreshed.  Hopefully all this is a pointer for a bright time ahead and a small step towards getting that light back inside me.

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