Thursday, October 31, 2013

Long confused day and the two drunk girls

I was wrapping up my move to the new apartment by putting some last boxes inside my car.  When I saw this girl running out I thought she might need help.  So I asked her whether there is some help she needs from me.  She blabbered quite a lot of things through which I connected the dots and understood that "she was locked out of her apartment".  Later when her friend came down, I realized that both of them doesn't live here but their friend does, who apparently passed out in her apartment leaving the doors locked.  I was told that she buzzed them in but didn't open the door (a good friend indeed).  The magic of alcohol.   I helped out both the girls by letting them inside my apartment so that they can charge their dead cellphones.  At 1:45 AM after quite a lot of blabbering and a couple of calls to 911, they finally left my apartment.  I really feel sorry for the 911 call center because they have to deal with such careless drunkards who end up in situations like this.

I am moving my things since morning but this place just doesn't seem to clear up. Multiple trips and I have moved most of my things and a final clean-up which I can hopefully complete tomorrow morning.  My sleep was cut short by the number of calls since morning. I don't know who is pulling these strings but when I am not working, everything goes insane.  Since I wanted to focus on completing this move, I continued with my activities.  I was bit mad at the new apartment office since they earlier rejected my request to move things over weekend instead countered it by some pro-rated offer which baffled me.  I was adamant not to pay the extra amount and proceeded to take up the single day plan which took a toll on me. Even though I am the so called "Pluviophile", I hate rain for spoiling plan for the day and my bed/couch got slightly wet which I hope gets dried up tonight since I left it with no plans for overnight usage. With Nizam's help, I somehow managed to move the bigger things like bed and my couch.  Thanks to him and Sharmin for giving me a delicious dinner.  I will definitely miss you both and all the great food that you prepared over the past few months.

 So many good memories at this place and it hurts to leave with all that in mind. I had some of my happiest moments and conversations with her in this very apartment.  But time to move on to the next apartment, hopefully she will be back to brighten that place as well.  It's been a week since I spoke to her, a week.. I just keep asking myself so many questions - did I do something wrong?  did I do something which she didn't expect me to do?  I want to talk to her and yesterday I almost bought a flight ticket to go see her.  I still miss her so badly and the love haven't gone down a bit.  I hope to get another chance to be with her, another chance to hug her, another chance to make her smile, another chance to listen to her stories, another chance... another chance to regain what was snatched away.

I am so tempted to pick up my phone to text/call or to email her.  But a big piece inside me wants me to respect her decision and plan.  If this separation gives anything positive to her, then let it be.

I am still searching for my sleep and waiting for that magical hug. for how long?  I don't know....

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