Saturday, October 26, 2013

night and the poet

"I feel these things
close to me,
yet I can't find them.
I can't hear the words
that whispered from your lips,
the touch that made me shiver
in the summer heat,
are all these things,
for elusive are you"  - an excerpt from the poem Elusive by Vernon C Patterson..

When me and my friend David met Mr. Patterson on the street today, he asked us whether we want to listen to some of his poetry.  After a good conversation which involved his poems, personal life, KC Chiefs football team etc I decided to buy a small booklet of poems from Mr. Patterson.  He sounded like a person who had way too many dreams during his younger days and somehow he failed to achieve that.  It is always inspiring to see someone on the streets who overcame a struggle at some point of his life, in his case drug addiction.  Glad that he overcame his issues and leading a clean life now. I truly wish him the very best as he sounded like a very genuine and honest person.  His scribblings are fun to read through, now that I know why he wrote them in the first place.

Mr.  Patterson brings in front of me the importance of "present", what I want to do right now, what my priorities should be.   I dont want to be at his age thinking about what  I could have achieved if
I had taken care of my present.. I think I am doing pretty good at this time even though my favorite option was always to remain patient, calm because whenever I stayed that way best things happened to me.

I'm blessed to have friends like David who took the time to ask about my well being and showing all the patience to listen to what I had in mind.  I think it is always helpful to have an open discussion with someone about topics which you always keep to yourself.  After watching all the antics of drunk on the street after Figure & Crizzly concert, we finally decided to call it a day.

On my way back home traffic lights continued to turn green as soon as I approached them and I am not surprised. Optimist inside me sees hope, like always!

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