Thursday, October 24, 2013

that tree

I see this tree everyday and I have noticed the various phases it has gone through.  At the peak of fall season it was glowing with the beautiful red leaves as if telling those passing by "Look at me, Am I beautiful?". In few more days, the remaining bunch of leaves will be gone with just the dry branches left. Then the wait begins for another season to regain its lost glory, to regain that charm which catches everyone's attention..

In someway this tree is a pointer towards the procrastination inside me.  I always wanted to take a snap of it all round the year but I just keep pushing it for the next day even when it was covered by red leaves.  When I took this picture today, I was sad that I missed the glorious days of my favorite tree and I am not sure whether there is another chance.  I truly hope there is one.

I believe this tree also represents the cycle of life.  A point of time where you defeat all the odds, get up on your feet, run along with the world.  Then turning into a big glow before fading away slowly, followed by the wait to start it all over again.  Only difference being the amount of time everyone spend at each phase of this cycle.  Hopefully the happiness phase is longer and the other miserable phase is shorter, as short as possible!

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