Saturday, November 9, 2013

Happy Birthday....

I confessed a while ago that I cancelled the itinerary that I had blocked to go visit her and the bouquet which I wanted to hand over for her birthday.  All I am left with is a pair of concert tickets which I bought for her, I am somehow still hopeful she want to come along with me to see it.  I suddenly got out of my sleep at 4:20 this morning and after few minutes of thinking I decided to send her a text wishing "Happy Birthday"..

Why?  She told you to stay away then why did you send a text to her?

I don't know, I don't want to know.  Certain things are better left unanswered like that.  I don't have anything against her, I don't hate her and I don't see any reason as to why I shouldn't wish her... Being the most beautiful person, she deserves the nickname "Sunshine".. Happy Birthday Birdie and I hope you had a wonderful day!  Your reply made my day.  Though I had another horrendous Friday at work where things kept going on and on, I was able to carry along with a cheeky grin thinking about your reply.. How much does two words and an emoticon matter to someone?  Beyond words I would say!
I was confused whether I should upload the video which I created for her.. I finally decided to upload it and send her a link along with the confession that I had planned a surprise trip to visit her.  I don't know whether she will watch it, I don't know whether she will appreciate it, but for me it was important to show her what I put together, to show her how much she means to me and to show her what it means to me, to bring a smile on that beautiful face.  I think, that's all I attempted to do from the very beginning.  I still wish you told me about what you were going through instead of dealing it on your own, thereby handing me a shocker, I wish you told me what was wrong.. When we spoke last, you told about "thinking", talking to your mom and others.  Why did you leave me from that list?  I don't have an answer and I don't want to send you endless texts or messages or calls to explain it me.  I am asking for few minutes just to get answer for these questions!  Will you give me those few minutes? I am still waiting here..

Last few days is a proof for how far I can go for someone I love and care about.  I am thinking about her all the time, still thinking about bringing a smile on her face, hoping she is happy, wishing her the best..  Does she think about me?  Does she have the same love for me? I don't know.  What did I do wrong?  Can you please tell me? I am sitting here waiting for an answer and I promise I will go as far as I can, to do whatever it takes....

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