Monday, November 4, 2013

Testing your limits and that glimpse of happiness

"Without frustration you will not discover that you might be able to do something on your own. We grow through conflict." - Bruce Lee
Just like the past few days, I started the day with lot of confusion and kept asking myself a number of questions.  Dealing with my "monkey mind" is a tricky situation because most of the times it will be difficult to control those thoughts, your body reacts in a weird way and you keep searching for a lot of answers.  People sometimes completely lose it.  Many just consider it as fate, few others who doesn't want to do anything towards it and there is a small percentage who just gives up.  Everyone does a lot of things to find a grip over their problem.  For me, like always, it was about dusting myself off, clear up my thoughts and getting ready for the next lap.  I took my problem head-on and bravely took a lot of good decisions which helped me cruise through the last 24 hours.  Beauty of life is recognizing and appreciating the small things in life, those small things which brings a smile to your face, those small things which creates a circle of happiness around you! 

Dinner at Home vs Eating outside:  Quite strangely, I debated with myself for quite long about what I want to do with my dinner last night.  Since I have stayed away from the drive thru's over the last couple of weeks (I believe, the longest stretch after I came down to US), I was quite determined not to do that.  After spending close to 32 hours inside the room, most of which I spend watching TV, Movies, videos etc, I wanted to get out and have some human interaction.  I think "WE" play an important part in keeping this place, our earth, beautiful.  How we look at others, how we smile, how we talk, how we behave, how we respect, each and every move of ours has an impact on this world.  Maybe I knew this before but I never realized the power of until recently.  Instead of going to the place that I planned to go, I took a detour and decided to try some Greek food.  I had an interesting conversation with the kid at the counter.  He basically explained "the importance of lighting" inside that restaurant.  How that light sets up the mood for their customers, sets up the character of the whole place. After 15 minutes of wonderful conversation, I left the place with some food which smelled, should I say "Heavenly". I agree, "Heavenly" is bit too much.  Let me just say, "Good food".

What is going on at work?:  After so many days, I shrugged off my laziness and got back to work, with more determination and focus.  When we know success of so many things revolves around your team, one cannot stay low and let down an entire group of amazing people.  So along with some interesting conversations, day at work went without much hassle.  When you got a bunch of people who give their best, day in and day out, I think it is an easy job being their boss. 

India - well, a change of scene was always in my thoughts over the past one week or so and I was seriously contemplating where should I go to recharge myself.  A getaway which will bring in a lot of peace to my mind, which will take away all my thoughts and will help me find answers to lot of my questions.  After thinking about various places within US, I finally decided to go back to my hometown in Southern part of India for few days.  I believe it will be perfect for me to go spend few days with my family and my friends.  If you ask me if there is any solution for a problem - I would say, just pack your bags and leave.  Since I didn't want to escape out of my current responsibilities I decided to postpone it for few more weeks.  So a random thought finally became a decision! Cochin, see you soon!

Uppercut - I met Heidi in my old apartment gym few days ago and she was training another guy in there.  When I asked for some suggestion, she was kind enough to give me her card which took me to Uppercut boxing gym.  After an Intro class on Saturday morning, I decided to sign up for the regular classes.  Today was my first session and it took me hardly 10 seconds to recognize that I am not even close to being fit.  With all the treadmill running, soccer during summer and weights in the gym, I thought I am good enough.  But when I was asked to use the rope, I realized that I was wrong.  After an hour of tough training which involved a lot of crazy exercises and boxing, I am sitting here enjoying that slight pain all over my body.  When you are determined, we push yourself and when you push yourself, one march towards something that you never thought about.  I left the place with a firm decision to go back tomorrow, with double the strength, double the energy and quite a lot of passion..

For a smile - While scrolling through Facebook yesterday, I saw a comment from the "very very special one".  I could see that she was unable to get tickets to go see her favorite band live since it was sold out.  So I started searching for tickets to surprise her but none of the resellers had it on sale.  Now I took the next crazy step, something which I never did before.  I wrote a message to the band and the venue on their Facebook page.  Though venue responded that they are unable to provide any help, I am hopeful that band will get back to me with something which will surprise her later. If I had the tickets somehow, I would have taken a flight to Austin just to see her smile :)  I end the day, knowing that she somehow managed to get inside the venue for the show (Yes, I broke my promise and messaged her, because sometimes you have to go with your monkey mind).   Though I was unable to get her a ticket as a surprise, I know that she is happy now, flaunting that gorgeous smile on her face.  

What a day.  Carpe diem

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